How to download Vidmate to iOS devices

Vidmate is one of the most downloaded videos downloading applications of the last year and certainly one of the bests in its own league. This video and movie downloader offers its users so many cool features and most importantly you can download the movies and videos without spending a single dime. But unfortunately, Vidmate app is only available for Android. It is almost impossible to download Vidmate for iOS. So what would you do if you possess an iPhone or iPad? Which video downloader would you use to download your favourite videos or movies on your iOS device? Well, we have made an exclusive list of best alternatives of Vidmate on iOS. Check out the list below:

Vidmate alternatives

Vidmate for iOS (Best Alternatives)


McTube is a very popular video downloading application among the iPhone and iPad users. The application downloads videos directly from YouTube and also allows the users to choose their desired video quality. This ability makes the McTube a stand out video downloader for iOS. Moreover, the app comes with a simple and functional user interface which offers the users intuitive and intelligent controls over the videos they wish to download. So we can say McTube is the perfect alternative of Vidmate for iOS.

Free Video Downloader Plus

This is another hugely popular video downloader for iOS, and most people have loved it. This iOS video downloader directly downloads the videos to your handset and the tools and features available in the Free Video Downloader Plus make the whole process very easy. You can download multiple videos at a time, keeps all the downloaded videos organised and download the movies or videos at lightning speed. So, Free Video Downloader Plus video downloading application is a true alternative of Vidmate for iOS.

MyVid Video Downloader

Apart from downloading videos, MyVid Video Downloader also allows you to share the videos with its sharing features. So if you want to share your downloaded videos, this application is ideal for you. The application comes with a very user-friendly UI and the great design of the application ensures quick downloading as well as easy navigating.

Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro offers its users almost every feature you will look into a video downloader. The application comes with all the convenience and the connectivity that you wish to have in your video downloader. Moreover, with this suitable alternative of Vidmate for iOS, you can send videos to your TV too with an easy and fast way.

Titan Downloader

Titan Downloader is another effective and easy to use video downloader for iOS which has garnered a large amount of positive attention for a multitude of reasons. The application is very much secure, reliable and comes with multiple unique features. So by all means, Titan Downloader is a perfect alternative of Vidmate for iOS.

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